Accounting is the language of business — providing vital information for decision-making, planning, and control. Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of accounting principles and standards, management control, and other related subjects, including information systems, integrated reporting, and data analytics for accountants. Elective courses allow you to specialize in an area of interest: e.g. auditing, controlling, management. Our program prepares you for a promising career in business, wherever your Master’s degree takes you.

The program focuses on the role of accounting information in facilitating decision-making, planning, and control, providing students with a broad base of knowledge and necessary skills to enjoy a successful career, whether your future is in accounting, business, finance, or management, in the Netherlands or internationally.

  • Stepping stone to the Post-Master AccountancyEuropean Post-Master Accountancy and the Post-Master's program Executive Master of Finance and Control.
  • Strong links with practice. The content of this program is established in close cooperation with leading (multinational) companies. You will study real cases, work on assignments and frequently attend lectures of important corporate guest speakers. You will also have the opportunity to do an internship as a practical and in-depth basis for your Master File Accountancy.
  • Reinvented Master Thesis. Instead of one extensive document, our Master File Accountancy consists of three distinct parts with different learning goals:
    - a Business Application in which academic research is used to give advice on a real-life company problem;
    - a Replication Study that focuses on the collection and analysis of data;
    - a Research Note in which students perform their own academic research study.
  • Train your professional skills and learn how to negotiate or communicate with business partners.
  • Electives allow you to specialize in your field of interest.
  • Ambitious Accountancy students can also apply for the following:
    - The Extended Master's Program, which adds a traineeship of half a year to the regular Master's program.
    - The QTEM network program, which adds an additional year to the program which you spend at a QTEM partner university and corporate partner.


The master Finance at Tilburg University delivers a broad business knowledge and specialized expertise in both financial management and investment analysis. The program offers the latest thinking across the essentials of investments and corporate finance. Students learn to determine a firm´s cost of capital, plan mergers and acquisitions, bring companies to the stock exchange, restructure corporations, make portfolio investment decisions, quantify risks, and hedge them using various derivative instruments. The master has two tracks:

Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) track
This track offers you the concepts and principles that investment professionals around the world have deemed integral to global practice. The CFA program partnership signals to you and the marketplace that the MSc of Tilburg University is closely tied to professional practice, and that the courses in this track are the perfect preparation for the CFA examples. 

Pensions, Aging and Retirement (Netspar) Track
Coping with aging population is one of the biggest challenges for the next decades, creating an urgent demand for professionals with the expertise to offer the right solutions. This track gives in-depth in the many financial issues related to an aging society. 


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