The Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence, shortly CoEE, is an initiative of study association Asset | Accounting & Finance, Student Career Services and the Program Management. Attending the CoEE activities will help you in your professional and personal development and your transition to the labor market. It can help you stand out from other candidates by showing that you were active next to your studies to further develop yourself. Participation is also a great way to expand your network, to build your CV and to become of more value for your future employer.

To obtain the certificate, signed by the Academic Director(s) of the program,  you need to earn 15* points within 1 academic year. You can earn these points by visiting career events, workshops and trainings etc. of your choice. You find an overview of all activities and the associated points in the table on the right.


if you want to participate in the CoEE, you choose the activities of your preference from the overview. After each activity, within 5 days afterwards, you upload a short reflection report on the Career Development Canvas page of the program (https://tilburguniversity.instructure.com/courses/11312) under the assignment that has been created for this specific activity. At the end of the year we check which students have obtained the minimum 15 points. These students then receive a certificate signed by the Academic Director(s).



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