certificate of extracurricular excellence accountancy

The Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence, shortly CoEE, is an initiative of study association Asset | Accounting & Finance, and Career Services. Accountancy students can register themselves in order to participate in obtaining this certificate. The CoEE is proof that students participated in career orientation and professional and personal development besides their regular study program.

Students need to obtain 15* points before they are handed out the Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence. These can be earned by visiting various career orientation events, workshops and trainings. An overview of all the events that can earn a student points during the year, the amount of points obtainable, what semester it will take place and the average duration of each event will be available soon. For the first semester, you can receive a point for joining Accounting Insight

In order to take part in obtaining the certificate and earn points for visiting the previously determined events, students must first register themselves. This can be done by sending an email to secretary@asset-accountingfinance.nl, in which the student states their name, student number, and Master programme(s) taken. After the registration is completed, more practical information and the general conditions will be provided. 

* For students that started in the academic year of 2020-2021, an exception is made. The amount of points that these students need to obtain is 7, since the certificate has only been available recently


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