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About Asset | Accounting & Finance

Asset | Accounting & Finance is the financial study association of Tilburg University and currently counts more than 2000 members. The association is an active, professional study association that serves students interested in Accountancy, Controlling, Finance and Investment Theory.

With a broad range of activities, Asset | Accounting & Finance builds a bridge between course theory and the practice of the business. In addition, by arranging guest lectures and providing guidelines for a broad range of Accounting and Finance courses, Asset | Accounting & Finance has a supporting role during your study. At last, Asset | Accounting & Finance fulfills an intermediary role between students and the business.

Asset | Accounting & Finance organizes a lot of different events during a year. An example is an interactive symposium for all Finance interested students: Investment Night. Furthermore, we organize a yearly StudyTour, where 25 students visit a metropolis for two weeks. The StudyTour offers a combination of company visits, culture and lots of fun with an ambitious group of students. In addition, Asset | Accounting & Finance has an online magazine called Faces Online. The magazine contains lots of columns, articles and interviews with prominent people of the business community. Last but not least we also have our own investment group where students can invest their money: A&F Investments. 

Asset | Accounting & Finance also organizes multiple events where students can get into touch with a broad range of companies. We organize the AccountantsDay, the Audit Activity, the Accounting Expedition, the FinanceDay, the Financial Business Dinner, the Finance Expedition and part of the Economic Business Weeks Tilburg (EBT). In addition, we organize multiple inhouse days, trainings and guest lectures.