Application/CV Training by Grant Thornton

Do you find it difficult what you can expect from an online job interview in these corona times? Or would you like to get some tips & tricks on how to get a good resume? Would you like to learn more about how to make the most out of your network on LinkedIn?

On November 16 Grant Thornton will provide a job application training. This training covers all aspects of applying for a job. We start with the orientation process: how does you search for an internship, work placement or starter position start? Then we discuss the do's and don'ts of a good resume and a strong motivation letter. Finally, we discuss the (online) conversation: how do you prepare for this and what can you expect?

There will be two training sessions on November 16, which are both the same trainings. The first session will be from 12.30h until 14.30h and the second session will be from 15.00h until 17.00h. The second one is also for English speaking students.

Don't hesitate any longer and sign up now for the training!

Took place on November 16, 12.30h November 16, 17.00h
Registration Deadline
November 08, 23:59h
Participating companies


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