Each your a group of approximately 25 people will visit a diffferent country which will be determined by the committee. This year's edition will be going to Taiwan from October 21 until November 4.

The main activities of the StudyTour are visiting companies and gettong to know the business life in another country. However, there is a lot of space for cultural activities, discovering the local nature and wildlife, visiting local universities and experiencing nightlife. Overall the StudyTour is a unique experience and a lot of fun.

Some examples where the StudyTour went previous years are: Singapore - Kuala Lumpur, Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles - San Francisco, Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto, Hong Kong - Macau - Shenzhen and Mumbai - New Delhi.

Took place on October 21 November 04


This event is organized by our StudyTour committee.


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