Sinterklaas Activity

Since December is near
It would normally be the time for the Sinterklaas Activity with lots of beer

The days are getting colder
But the jokes are not getting older

Also this year
We are trying to create a warm atmosphere

Every committee will write a poem about each other
So we can still enjoy the roast of one another

Every committee comes prepared
And no one will be spared

We look forward to the event
And hope everybody is present

Since we will sit together and celebrate
With a evening filled with a lot of games, fun and slate

For the event, the Orie will deliver a surprise box filled with games and snacks for an evening filled with fun! The event will be hybrid, which means that we will do the games together offline, and join a Zoom meeting in between the games so that we can enjoy each other's poems. We are looking forward to the Sinterklaas Activity!

Sidenote: Next to the event, it is also possible to get a small present from the A&F Sinterklaas and his A&F Pieten, delivered at your house by them during the afternoon of December 3! Please fill this in in the subscription form if you would like them to visit you.

To participate you must be an active member of Asset | Accounting & Finance. To become an active member please send an e-mail to and we will contact you!

Took place on December 03, 20.00h December 03, 23.00h
Registration Deadline
November 30, 23:59h
Registration for this event is closed...


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