Investment Night

During this interactive symposium, professional investors will present several diverging investment strategies that have been practiced over time. Are investment strategies that have been used in the past still applicable today? Value and growth, technical and fundamental analysis are still used and taught at Tilburg University, but what about new strategies? Index investing and ESG considering have become more important for investors.

During previous edition our professionals guide you through the different investment strategies that emerged over time. Because times do change, but the hunger for alpha doesn’t.

The main purpose of Investment Night is to educate students about the different investment strategies that have been practiced over time. The different backgrounds of our speakers panel enables students to gain an in-depth understanding of the divergent strategies that are being practiced today. Each speaker presents his expertise and will discuss why his strategy is the most efficient. During the evening, students are able to ask questions and comment on statements or the presentations of the professionals. An interactive quiz will complete the evening. The participation fee is €2,-.

Target group Students interested in investing
Spoken language English
Selection procedure First come, first served
Number of participants 200

To get an impression of the evening, have a look here:

April 24
Theaters Tilburg

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IBS Capital Allies


This event is organized by our Investment Night Committee.



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