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Do you want to remain one step ahead of your future? Then you should definitely be present at Accounting Insight 2020! Accounting Insight is a yearly symposium during which different experts discuss current accountancy trends. Besides the great value for your own development, also companies really appreciate your knowledge about the current developments within the accountancy profession.

A diverse panel of prominent speakers debate about several propositions made by the Accounting Insight committee. Participants also have the opportunity to take part in the discussion. With a yearly number of 160+ participants, consisting of students, chartered accountants and professors, the event is always a great success. Furthermore, for chartered accountants it is also possible to receive PE-points.

The speakers panel for this year's edition consists of: Margreeth Kloppenburg (Chairman of the day), Chris Fonteijn (Quartermaster for the future of Audit), Ron van Deun (Partner WVDB), Rob Fijneman (Professor TiU & Partner KPMG), Jeanine van Gestel (Senior Supervision Officer AFM & VU lecturer) and Harald Seidel (CFO DAF Trucks).

Due to COVID-19, the maximum capacity of the Klasse Theater is limited. Therefore, we are also livestreaming this event for everyone who is interested. At Klasse Theater, there is an option to watch the symposium live in the theater or via a big screen in the café. Drinks will be served and afterwards students can pick up a goodie bag.

The participation fee is as followed:

  • Klasse Theater ticket (offline): €2,- for Asset members and €3,- for non-Asset members.
  • Livestream ticket (online): €1,- for both Asset and non-Asset members.

Note: the livestream ticket is the standard ticket when registering for this event. In the registration form, you can select whether you are interested in the Klasse Theater ticket, but we cannot assure you this ticket due to the current measures. After the registration deadline, we will let you know if you are welcome to join the symposium at Klasse Theater.

Target group Bachelor- and (Post-)Master Accountancy students, Accountants, People interested in Accountancy
Spoken language Dutch
Number of participants Limited offline, unlimited online
Registration deadline

Offline event: November 17
Online event: November 23



November 25, 19.00h November 25, 21.45h
Registration Deadline
November 22, 23:59h
Klasse Theater, Tilburg and Online via Livestream


This event is organized by our Accounting Insight Committee.

Disclaimer: All personal information will only be used for this event, will not be shared with 3rd parties and will be deleted after the event

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For the next question, note that you are automatically registered for the livestream, but here you can select an offline option depending on the capacity at Klasse Theater. We make a selection based on this capacity and we can't assure a spot for anyone in either the theater or in the cafe

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