Accounting Expedition

The Accounting Expedition will take place on March 10 and March 11. The event is a great opportunity to get in touch with four big accounting firms. The participating firms are BDO, EY, KPMG, and PwC. The expedition consists of two days in which you will solve cases combined with networking lunches and drinks. You will have the opportunity to participate in either one or two days.

Each day, the program starts at 09.30h. The first company will shortly introduce itself and describe its case. You will be split up into groups and work on the assigned case, guided by one of the company’s representatives. After the case, you can enjoy a lunch, which will be delivered to your home before the event. After lunch, the second company introduces itself and you will work on the second case of that day. Lastly, you can enjoy some beverages shipped with the lunchbox and talk to representatives of the company until the end of the program, which will be around 14.30h.

Overall, the Accounting Expedition is a great way to get in touch with some of the largest players in the Accounting sector and provide you with the opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

The participating companies will host the event in the following order:

March 10, 09.30h - 14.30h:

  • Morning: BDO

  • Afternoon: PwC

March 11, 09.30h - 14.30h:

  • Morning: EY

  • Afternoon: KPMG

When registering, make sure you provide your CV in PDF form and the address on which you would like to receive the lunchbox!

Target group Bachelor and master Accounting students
Spoken language Dutch
Selection procedure CV
Number of participants 24 per day
Took place on March 10 March 11
Registration Deadline
February 24, 23:59h
Participating companies


This event is organized by our Accounting Expedition Committee.

Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence

By participating in this event, you can obtain points for the CoEE of Accountancy. You can register yourself here for the certificate and you can hand in points here. You can earn 2 points per day. For more information, you can press here 

Registration for this event is closed...


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