Wimbledon Month

From March 22, the Sports Committee of Asset | Accounting & Finance will organize a Wimbledon month! This will be a competition between active members of Asset | Accounting and Finance. The first two weeks are dedicated to first rounds. After this, the finals will take place.

If you register, you will be placed in a groupschat where you can fill in a form with the timeslots. After this, the committee will make the competition ladder. So, register now and let's play tennis!

To participate you must be an active member of Asset | Accounting & Finance. To become an active member, please send an e-mail to Info@Asset-AccountingFinance.nl and we will contact you!

March 22 April 22
Registration Deadline
March 08, 23:59h
University Sports Centre


This event is organized by our Sports Committee.

Registration for this event is closed...


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