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Do you want to purchase a guideline to help you study for the upcoming exams? Purchase them by registrating on the right and we will send you the guidelines as soon as possible.

The guidelines that are available for this semester are:

  • Accounting 2: Management Accounting
  • Finance 1: Investeren en Beleggen
  • Finance 2: Ondernemingsfinanciering & Vermogensmarkten
  • Financial Statement Analysis

For the course Fiscale Economie we also offer a guideline, it is made together with De Smeetskring and is available after the last lecture has taken place. For this guideline or more info about it you can contact De Smeetskring via:

To fill in the form below, you have to log in to your Asset account. If you are not a member of Asset and want to purchase a guideline send an email to:

- Cost for a guideline is €3 if you are a member of Asset and €7 if you are not a member of Asset

- Costs to send 1 or 2 guidelines are €3.64 and 3 or more guidelines costs €4.55.

We will send you a Tikkie and when this is confirmed, we will send you the guideline(s).

May 04 July 31
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