Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances it is not possible to go on our annual CityTrip. Therefore, the CityTrip committee is organizing a Pre-CityTrip event. This event will take place on Thursday, February 4.

During the CityTrip, 20 members will explore an European city in a four day long weekend trip. The goal of this trip is to have a fun and memorable weekend. We will visit the hotspots, undertake exciting activities and of course visit the many bars and restaurants the city has to offer. This year's destination is Krakow.

Originally, the CityTrip was planned to be in early February, but we have rescheduled it to the weekend of May 13, 2021, due to the COVID-19 circumstances. At this moment, it is uncertain if we're able to travel to Krakow and do all of the things we are planning to do there. Of course, we will keep you updated about our plans regarding the trip. If we cannot go to Krakow and are allowed to travel in the Netherlands, we might choose that or we will organise a nice day with activities!

This is the second edition of the CityTrip. Last year, we went to Sofia, where the concept proved itself to be worth repeating. Here you can read more of what we did during the trip!

May 13 May 16, 23.59h


This event is organized by our CityTrip Committee.


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