Inhouse Day CZ

On Monday March 21, an inhouse day of CZ takes place. This inhouse day is in collaboration with Asset | Economics and Asset | Econometrics.

Care that goes beyond Corona Times
For almost two year now, the world has been turned upside down by the Coronavirus. It has impacted our health, but also the care that is delivered. As an insurer, we are therefore actively working on this issue. Are you curious about how we will continue to provide care for our policyholders in this Corona crisis, also in financial terms? And would you like to think along with us about this? Then sign up for the Inhouse Day and work in an interactive workshop on a real-life case that is currently happening at our company!


Please notice this event is for Dutch speaking students only!

More information about this event will follow later!

Register here:

Took place on March 21
Registration Deadline
March 14, 23:59h
Ringbaan West 236, 5038 KE Tilburg
Participating companies


This event is in collaboration with Asset | Econometrics and Asset | Economics.


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