Financial Business Dinner

What does the Financial Business Dinner committee do?
Each year the Asset | Accounting & Finance organizes the Financial Business Dinner, which this year will take place on October 1. During a four-course dinner, students have the opportunity to become familiar with several Finance companies in an informal way and can acquire information about the career opportunities within these companies. The students will join a different company during every course. This edition 12 companies and 48 students participate.

What do you learn?
As a committee member, you are responsible for communication with the companies, the selection procedure of the students, the dinner, practical organization and the promotion of the event. You will improve your organizational and soft skills. Being an active member of Asset | Accounting & Finance also gives you the opportunity to get to know many new people and expand your network.

Do you want to read about the previous edition of Financial Business Dinner? You can read it here.

Time indication
During the first months the committee will, amongst trying to arrange the location, find companies for the dinner and look into the planning. During the month of the event, the committee will be quite busy to make sure that the event will run smoothly.  

Interested in joining the committee?
If you are interested in becoming active and join this committee or have anymore questions, send an e-mail to [email protected].

Thomas Mols
Valentijn Willemse
Niek van Geene
Sanne Kool
Stefan Beltman
External Affairs
Robin van der Beek
External Affairs
Total members
Hours per week

If you would like to receive more information about this committee, please send a mail to [email protected] We will contact you about the possibilities to join this committee!


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