What does the StudyTour committee do?
Each year Asset | Accounting & Finance organizes a StudyTour to an intercontinental destination. During this trip of two weeks 28 students get to know the city and country very well. There will be several company visits, the local culture will be experienced, just like nature, wildlife and nightlife. As a committee you organize this whole trip. You will start with choosing a destination, the destination has to be original and attractive for students. After this it is key to promote the StudyTour in the best possible way to get the sufficient amount of registrants. Two people are responsible for arranging the company visits because a StudyTour cannot take place without company visits. Someone is also responsible for choosing the perfect flight with the best price possible. After students have registered themselves, hostels and informal activities have to be arranged to give the participants a very good time during their trip.

What do you learn?
Participating in the StudyTour committee gives you many learning opportunities. In cooperation with your committee members you organize this great trip so you have to be a real team player, because you decide everything together. Being an active member of Asset | Accounting & Finance also gives you the opportunity to get to know many new people, expand your network and develop your soft skills.

Do you want to read about the previous edition of the StudyTour to South Korea? You can read it here.

Time indication
During the first month, the committee will find the perfect location. Afterwards, amongst trying to find companies for the visit, the planning and flight must be arranged. During the month before the event, the committee will be quite busy to make sure that the event will run smoothly and during the StudyTour, the committee will coordinate the group and will have a great time.  

Interested in joining the committee?
If you are interested in becoming active and join this committee or have anymore questions, send an e-mail to [email protected].

Lars van Maris
Bart Schellekens
Lise van der Leeden
Ricardo Walrave
Carlijn Tijdink
External Affairs
Total members
Hours per week

If you would like to receive more information about this committee, please send a mail to [email protected] We will contact you about the possibilities to join this committee!


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