Accountancy Cycle

What does the Accountancy Cycle committee do?
The Accountancy Cycle is a new event organized by Asset | Accounting & Finance and will consist of two days: the Audit Activity and the Big Four Summit. During the Audit Activity, students will get to know accountancy firms in an informal way during an activity and a dinner. On the day of the Big Four Summit, students will get to see the big accountancy firms. The day will consist of multiple cases attuned to each other, a lunch and a dinner. 

What do you learn?
When organizing the Accountancy Cycle, you will learn a lot of valuable skills like planning, organizing two events, and working together in a team. You also get the opportunity to get in contact with several accounting firms. Being an active member of Asset | Accounting & Finance also gives you the opportunity to get to know many new people, expand your network and develop your soft skills.

Interested in joining the committee?
If you are interested in becoming active and join this committee send an e-mail to

Wouter Janssen
Allard van Hees
Thomas de Wit
Shanti Vermeer
External Affairs
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If you want to become active or have any questions regarding becoming active, please fill in this form below or send an e-mail to and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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