Whether you will start working in a small company in your hometown, or in a well-known multinational, all offered vacancies require extracurricular activities at associations. This is not a surprise since becoming active next to your studies not only indicates that you are ambitious, it also ensures you an improvement of countless competences like teamwork, leading skills, time and project management. You will also work on your soft-skills when for example attending events and by giving presentations. You will build an extensive professional network and will simultaneously give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself in the area you want to work.

As of February, the following committees will start again:

Accounting Insight*
A&F Investments* (continuous)
- Date Dinner Committee
CityTrip Committee*
- Faces Committee (continuous)*
- Finance Expedition*
- Financial Business Dinner*
- Sports Committee

For the committees with a *, resume and motivational letter are required.

You will work in a team called a ‘committee’ consisting of students with the same ambitions and interests as yourself and you will be coordinated by a board member. Our great amount of non-committal, free informal drinks and activities enable you to meet up the rest of the active members, make new friends and have a lot of fun. You will soon experience the solidity of our active member group of over 120 students.

The earlier you become active in your studies, the bigger the lead will be on your fellow students!

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, then don't hesitate to stop by at our rooms (E 106-E 108) or send an email to [email protected].

Committee overview


Do you want to work together with students from other studies and become involved in the organization of events organized by Asset? Perhaps a Faculty Wide Committee is something for you! These committees organize the Asset parties, the COdE’s, the Food for Thought sessions, the Business Night, and the Asset Ski Trip.
Click on the button below to find an overview of all Faculty Wide Committees.

Faculty wide committees


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