Being a member of Asset | Accounting & Finance, the association for students interested in accounting, controlling, finance and investment theory, means that you are member of an association with a divers range of activities in order to give members opportunities to develop themselves. For students we have two possibilities to become part of our great association, a passive and active membership. 

Passive membership

Becoming a passive member of Asset | Accounting & Finance has several advantages:

  • Being kept informed
    You will receive information about our events, career and internship opportunities, and study-related activities on a regular basis. 
  • Building on a formal and informal network
    As a member, Asset | Accounting & Finance provides you with a large network of accounting and finance students, companies and recruiters.
  • Discount on our published guidelines
    Asset | Accounting & Finance offers you guidelines for Accounting and Finance-related courses to help you with the preparation for your exams.
  • Event participation
    As member you can participate in all our events.

How to subscribe? 
The vast majority of all TiSEM students is a member of Asset. The costs of being a member of Asset | Accountant & Finance are only €15,- annually, which you will earn back really quick. If you want to subscribe you can do it online or you can drop by at our Asset | Accounting & Finance rooms (E 106-E 108). 

Active membership

It is also possible to become an active member of Asset | Accounting & Finance. More information about becoming active can be found here.


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